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Cheapest Usenet in Europe!


Cheapest Usenet in Europe!

Lagt til på lørdag 24 november 2012 - 20:55 av Dominique

We think December is expensive enough as it is. We guess you agree... So we decided to do something about that. We offer you the chance to pay as little as ? 23,85 for three months unlimited Usenet subscription! How? Just read on!

The more people sign up in December 2012, the lower the price will get. Every time someone signs up, the subscription price goes down. And eventually, you can buy the Ultimate Bucket for 3 months for the price that is reached on January 1, 2013.

So get started! Contact your friends and family and help them to get you the lowest price ever! What are you waiting for?!

Go check it out at our website: Subscribe to our Christmas promo now!


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