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We love the press

Malheureusement, cette partie de notre site est seulement en anglais. Nous nous excusons pour la gêne occasionnée.

We like our brand. UsenetBucket is like our love child and we like to keep it looking good. That's why we have a press area with a couple of HQ and Vector logo's for you to use. These logo's are free to use for promoting, advertorials, tutorials, banners and explanations. We have a couple of rules to which you obey when downloading and using one of these logo's.

  • You cannot change the logo's color. You either have to pick one of the variations or e-mail us with a suggestion.
  • Always spell UsenetBucket with a capital U and capital B. The words have to be connected.

Plain UsenetBucket images

Color setups and parts

  • Color setup for the UsenetBucket tile:
    • Linear gradient with 106 degree rotation
    • Position 00.00%: CMYK(10.55%,41.88%,91,8%,0%)
    • Position 78.79%: CMYK(00.78%,23.83%,62,5%,0%)
    • Position 100.0%: CMYK(03.13%,28.13%,69,4%,0%)
  • Font setup for the tile
    • Font: TW Cen MT
    • Font vertical stretch: 143%
    • Font color: CMYK(02.00%,02.00%,02.00%,0%)
  • All archives contain a (transparant) RGB-PNG, RGB-JPEG (12) and EPS (CMYK) file

Preview and download

Our Team displays

We market our product through our team. Click the heads below to download a pack of images for each character

These images may be used, as is, for promotional purposes. You're not allowed to change colors. You can however crop them to suit your needs. It's also not allowed to use the images in greyscale or change appearances in any way.