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Summer has arrived, let's celebrate!

Posted on 26-06-2015 12:00 by Nick Elshof

Summer has arrived. Picture yourself in an beach chair, with a nice cocktail, sunshine, fully surrounded by palm trees for some great relaxation. To make it even more relaxing we would like to give you a 25% discount just to kick off the summer season. A great way to start your summer in a relaxed way!

As of right now until the 3th of July (12:00 CET), we offer you a massive 25% discount on your next order.

Not a customer yet? Get your Free Bucket first and then click the promotions tab to get your 25% off!

Have a great summer!


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Happy Easter!

Posted on 01-04-2015 23:59 by The Easter Bunny

Easter is around the corner. We would like to celebrate this holiday with you and make it eggtastic.

Our eggs are boiled, the paint is ready and we are in good spirit. With this good spirit comes a little eggstra we would like to give you. For the next week we would like to give you the opportunity to eggstend your account with a 20% discount.

Isn't that eggcellent?!

As of right now until the 8th of April (12:00 CET), we offer you a massive 20% discount on your next order.

Not a customer yet? Get your Free Bucket first and then click the promotions tab to get your 20% off!

Please have a look at our latest news as well:

Have a lovely Easter and good luck finding all the hidden eggs!


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Please mind an IP change!

Posted on 30-03-2015 10:00 by Nick Elshof

Today we will release a new version of the software that is running on our platform. In order to make this change as smooth as possible, we decided to change the IP address you connect to. We simply changed the IP addresses our domain ( resolves to, so that you will connect to the new IP address once your computer/router flushes your DNS cache. If we wanted to keep the old IP address, we faced some downtime (about 30 minutes) in order to complete the switch, therefore we chose to simply change the IP address and let the DNS, for which it is intended, solve the rest.

As of this morning, you will be connecting to another IP address in order to log in to our platform. If you are connecting straight to our IP address, in stead of using '', it is strongly advised to switch as soon as possible:

New IP addresses: (IPv4) => (IPv6) => 2001:67c:174:101::1003 (IPv6 only)=> 2001:67c:174:101::1003

We have created a separate domain for IPv6 traffic. Some clients are unable to make the switch (between IPv4/IPv6) automatically on ''. We have tested the new software for a couple of months now, so there should not be a change in your Usenet experience. If you notice something different, please let us know, so that we can have a closer look.

Please mind: if you are using SSL connections and your DNS cache is flushed while you are connected, it is possible that you will receive a SSL error/notification. Please simply disconnect all of your connections, close your client and try again.


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