Herzlich willkommen bei UsenetBucket und Bezahlen mit Giropay

Posted on 31-03-2014 13:49:05 by Esmée de Reijke

We are now serving our website in German.

Since the release of our new website we've had multiple requests for language additions. One of the most requested language was German. Since we listen to what our customers have to say, we've took the time to translate and integrate the German language into our website and e-mail system.

So for all German speaking people:

Let us remind you, you can always change your default language in your Control Panel. Click additional options in your personal tab.

To celebrate this, we also introduce payments through Giropay. From now on, you can pay your Buckets with Giropay!

Got any other language or payment method you'd like to see in the website? Tell us in the comments or apply for our UBCAP!

Have a lovely day,

Esmée de Reijke


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We have a huge surprise for you!

Posted on 11-03-2014 13:00:00 by Cecilia Johansson

In the last few months we have been working, in our own Area-51, on a complete new website and a complete re-brand and redesign of UsenetBucket.

As we like to call it, our sand castle was about to collapse due to the fast growth of customers. We needed something new and stable, so we build a sky-scraper. We would love to tell what we have changed, but that would lead to a story without an end. We would rather tell you what we haven't changed:

Yup, correct, we have changed everything! For those whom are interested, we have created a summary to show (off :) some cool numbers and facts:

In our new website we have integrated 47 requests of our customers. We would like to thank you for that!

A change like this can't pass by without celebrating it. Therefore, you will find a surprise in your brand new, fully upgraded Control Panel.

In addition to our brand new website, we have brought our Customer Support Team to the front. Moreover we now have a Mobile Control Panel for iPhone and we have introducted UBCAP, our Customer Advisory Panel. With UBCAP you can help us to improve our service in exchange for free days of UsenetBucket. Apply for UBCAP today!

Once again, thank you for all of your input. We would love to welcome you to our new website.

Have a great day!


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Are you ready for Halloween?!

Posted on 20-10-2013 20:24:19 by Esmée de Reijke

The end of October means that it is starting to get freaky, Halloween is almost here. Carved pumpkins, scary outfits, terrifying stories and of course howling winds.

Are you ready for Halloween? We are!


In celebration of Halloween we offer you 7 days for free on every paid order that has been placed on our website. Normally you will receive 30 credits per order, but until the 31st of October 2013 you will receive 37 credits!

Oh, by the way, it might be a good idea to advise you about the mini heartattack you can get when you try to benefit from this deal!

Happy Halloween!

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It's scary time! Halloween!

Posted on 16-10-2013 10:55:24 by Cecilia Johansson

We're deep in October, only a few weeks away from the holiday season. The dark times fall over our planet and the skies turn pitch black at night. Ghosts and spirits arrive. Pumpkins light up and suddenly they have their faces cut out in terrifying shapes. While we all have to watch our backs at night; we know what time it is: It's almost Halloween!

We at UsenetBucket feel pretty scared this time of year and we'd like to share that with you. So we've made you a little teaser for what's coming. What's coming you're asking? We won't tell, otherwise there will be no need for a teaser ;-)



Did we scare you? If not, just wait! We'll try again from the 20th of october. Stay tuned!

Keep being scared,
Esmée de Reijke

PS. Don't worry its just Halloween...or is it?!

PPS. There might be a good deal in this Halloween promotion!


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It's finally here: Automatic Payments

Posted on 29-09-2013 23:39:30 by Nick Elshof

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thanks to you, our customers, we would like to announce a new, much requested feature: PayPal recurring payments. You inspire us to create, implement and think of features for your convenience. Simply because we like you and value customer statisfaction.

As of today you can enable your subscription to be auto-renewed. Simply go to your User Control Panel, select the period below the subscription you would like to auto-extend and click on subscribe!

There is another great extra for you! On every recurring plan, we offer a 5% discount for each transaction. So that's double the fun! No more paying every period and getting a discount of 5% on every payment. Isn't that a happy start of the Fall season?

We also love to hear what else you have to say about us, our service or our features. You want to spill some feedback or want to tell us what you like? No problem, we-just-love-feedback! Please fill in a testimonial in your customer panel and you'll receive a 20% discount on your next order.

That's it for now. Once again, thanks for helping us improve our service and stay tuned for other improvements!

Have a lovely day!

Esmée de Reijke


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We did it again!

Posted on 23-07-2013 20:47:03 by Esmée de Reijke

Once again we are happy to tell you that we have made a change to UsenetBucket due to input of our customers. A small icon appeared today, showing that we accept a new way of payment.

We would like to announce that we have implemented Bitcoin payments. As of today we accept Bitcoins on new orders and any upgrade in the future.

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network.

We would like to thank our customers that pointed out this service upgrade.

If there is anything else we need to change, fill out a testimonial. You can do so by logging in to your User Control Panel and check the promo tab. It even gives you a 20% discount on your next order!

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We Listen!

Posted on 18-06-2013 09:57:30 by Cecilia Johansson

As some of you might have noticed it has been unable to track your used traffic on the Basic and Comfort Bucket. The reason behind this is that we got a lot of suggestions from ouyr customers to remove the traffic limits on these Bucket.

Therefor we have been running a test pool to see what users did if we did remove the traffic limits, without given notice. Everyone passed the test with flying colours! Since of today we are happy to announce that all the Buckets on our website have Unlimited Traffic!

We would like to thank our customers that pointed out this service upgrade.

If there is anything else we need to change, fill out a testimonial. You can do so by logging in to your User Control Panel and check the promo tab. It even gives you a 20% discount on your next order!


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Get rich or die tryin'

Posted on 05-06-2013 21:44:39 by Nick Elshof

Today we are launching a way to get you easy money, we are launching an affiliate program. With this program you can use your own website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or where ever you want to generate easy money.

What do we offer?

We offer a recurring 20% payout system! On every order that has been placed trough your banner, you will receive a 20% commission! With enough promotional material available to get you started, it will be easy to set up. If a user registers with your personalised affiliate link, the users will ALWAYS stay linked to you. This means that even when this users doesn't use your banner or link on his next order, you will still receive a commission!

Make the world a better place!
Even in a digital era we would like to give you the ability to support different charities. If you have made more money then you can spend, you can choose from a couple of charities to donate your money. At this moment we have spoken with multiple charities like: Make a Wish foundation, Doctors without Borders, WWF, Red Cross and a dutch charity called CliniClowns in order to donate money to one of these charities. Since it will be your money we are happy to add a charity which you think is important.

Easy setup!

After creating an affiliate account you will be appointed a country manager. By doing so you will get full support in order to get the money flowing. Moreover, you will get access to a backend where you track your banners, view real-time statistics and look up your earnings. With multiple promotional material available it will be just a matter of copy and paste. Furthermore, we are happy to support you with custom banners.

You can easily create an affiliate account by using the following link: Affiliate Program

We would like to wish you a great evening!


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Have an eggtastic Easter!

Posted on 29-03-2013 20:27:03 by Benjamin de Bos

Easter is around the corner. We would like to celebrate this holiday with you and make it eggtastic.

Our eggs are boiled, the paint is ready and we are in good spirit. With this good spirit comes a little eggstra we would like to give you. The whole Easter we would like to give you the opportunity to eggstend your account with a 30% discount.

Isn't that eggcellent?!

Since it is Easter, we are giving away a free Ultimate Bucket subscription for an entire year to one of you that has eggstended during the Easter. The only thing you have to do is to eggstend your account. After the holidays, we will pick someone randomly to receive this eggtastic price.

Keep track of the blogpost you can find here: Have a eggtastic Easter! We will update this blogmessage with the lucky winner! Maybe a comment would help you win. ;-)

Have a hoppy Easter!

UPDATE - 2 April 2013 - 15:05

Hereby we would like to congratulate mister Adam L. as the winner of a one year Ultimate Bucket subscription!


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Your opinion matters! - Februar 2013

Posted on 26-02-2013 14:36:07 by Cecilia Johansson

Lately we have been busy making some changes to our website and platform. The reason that we are telling you this, is to show you that we appreciate your input into making UsenetBucket even better than it already is.

The following changes have been made in the last couple of weeks:

  • You are able to change your passwords by yourself;
  • We have implemented an extra SSL port on our platform: port 442;
  • We have created a blog which contains all the latest news;
  • Our blog contains a comment and feedback function so that you are able to give us feedback;
  • Your invoices will be sent by email when an order is completed for your personal administration;
  • Last but not least, you are able to give us feedback via the testimonial promo in your User Control Panel.

Most of these changes were a result of feedback we received from our customer. Since we highly appreciate the feedback to give you a better user experience, everyone can now fill out a testimonial on our website. By giving your opinion you can receive a 20% discount on your next order, even if it is negative.


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Newsletter - January 2013

Posted on 26-01-2013 20:55:00 by Nick Elshof

In the beginning of december, we started our december promo. We asked you to lower the price of our Ultimate Bucket. About 450 users participated in the deal to lower the price to € 32,- for three months use of the Ultimate Bucket.

We would like to thank all the people that participated in lowering the price. Because this number exceeded our expectation, we decided to lower the price even more.

The final price for the Ultimate Bucket for 90 days has become:
€ 26,94 a discount of 31%!!

Right now you can start benefitting from this deal by upgrading your account with the following link: Benefit right now!

How does this work? If you have an Ultimate Bucket subscription, you will get 90 credits added to your account for the above price. If you have another subscription, you will receive an extra bucket added to your account.


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System Error - January 2013

Posted on 02-01-2013 13:09:00 by Benjamin de Bos

Firstly, we would like to wish you all the best for 2013!

As some of you might have noticed, our platform was unreachable for 2 hours on tuesday. We found the problem in one of our routers which was defect.

Since we are very sorry that this problem occurred, we decided to give every user that has an active paid subscription an extra credit.

With this we hope to compensate for unplanned downtime.


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Cheapest Usenet in Europe! Only two days left to subscribe!

Posted on 29-12-2012 19:13:00 by Esmée de Reijke

We hope you had a wonderful christmas with a lot of quality time and presents!

We would like to end 2012 with a big bang. Our december promo has already over 400 subscribers which bring the price down to €32,50 for three months subscription of the Ultimate Bucket.

Already a saving of €6,35 !

If you would like to benefit from this deal, you will need to be quick!

Help yourself by subscribing at the last minute and benefit form this great opportunity to get the lowest price ever!

Go check it out at our website: Subscribe to our December promo now!

Everyone who did not subscribe cannot benefit from this deal! What are you waiting for?!


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Cheapest Usenet in Europe!

Posted on 24-11-2012 20:55:00 by Cecilia Johansson

We think December is expensive enough as it is. We guess you agree... So we decided to do something about that. We offer you the chance to pay as little as ? 23,85 for three months unlimited Usenet subscription! How? Just read on!

The more people sign up in December 2012, the lower the price will get. Every time someone signs up, the subscription price goes down. And eventually, you can buy the Ultimate Bucket for 3 months for the price that is reached on January 1, 2013.

So get started! Contact your friends and family and help them to get you the lowest price ever! What are you waiting for?!

Go check it out at our website: Subscribe to our Christmas promo now!


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The best news we've had so far!

Posted on 12-10-2012 13:57:00 by Nick Elshof

We love to be the bearer of GREAT news! Today is the day that we celebrate our anniversary and we would like you to be a part of this celebration!

One thing is certain, without YOU we wouldn't have made this day. With all the feedback that we have received from our customers, we tried to make our service and user expierence even better.

This resulted in an upgrade of our Buckets. More connections, More speed, More bang for buck!

To give you an example, take a look at our NEW and IMPROVED showpiece, The Ultimate Bucket!

All this greatness comes in a new design of our website! Go check it out:


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Survive the dark and rainy days with UsenetBucket

Posted on 17-09-2012 17:27:00 by Benjamin de Bos

Summer is almost over, the sun will be gone soon. It's sad, isn't it? This month we start moving slowly towards dark and rainy days. Therefore we would like to give you a head start to many warm and comfy movie nights.

Upgrade your account today and receive a 15% DISCOUNT:
    Upgrade your account today!

(Psstt, this link will stay active for 7 days!)

Need help configuring your account?! Please contact us at, or use the contact form on our website.

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